Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I had an extremely hilarious conversation with my best friend yesterday. I mean I was laughing to the point of almost not breathing and had tears rolling down my face! She was talking about how her mind is pretty creative! She'll take a basic situation and within minutes have an EXTREME version of that story and all the horrible possibilities that can happen. I won't divulge her story in case it embarrasses her. I think it's hilarious though!

I can't lie though, I feel her pain!

Two years ago I had a voice mail from my other best friend asking me to call her back. I told my husband (then fiance) that she left the message. He said, "ok". I said, "I think she's mad at me. She sounded mad." Of course Marc thought I was nuts and told me that she is probably engaged and that is why she called. I would hear none of that. I was 100% convinced that she was mad at me and was going to yell and scream at me for something. Would Alicia ever actually do that? No! Did she actually have bad news to share with me? No! She was engaged and wanted to share the news with me. I am a weirdo!

Why would my mind automatically go to a place of horribleness? I have no clue. But I am TOTALLY that girl that if a group is called together I am positive I am getting in trouble and everyone will be there to witness it. Something goes wrong at work, totally my fault, even if I don't work in that department. I have the weirdest perecption of reality I think. When I was in elementary school I just knew I had a tapeworm. I couldn't tell anyone this because then I would be the girl with a worm. Ewww! But I knew the reason I was so skinny and had knobby little knees was because a parasite was eating all the food I consumed.

What child thinks that?! I don't even know how I knew about tapeworms at that age. I have wiped WebMD off the list of sites I am allowed to visit. I have called my mother on many occasions to tell her I love her but I have cystic fibrosis and won't make it. Multiple sclerosis, check. Aneurysm in the brain, check. If it's out there, I've had it! No wonder I love the show House so much.

I don't consider myself a hypochondriac though, just a WEIRDO! I take something small and make it big.

If I hear a noise outside, it's a burglar/murderer. A friend cancels lunch on me, they hate me and don't want to be friends.

I am an odd duck. I feel horrible for my husband because he is the one that has to talk me down from the ledge in my mind. He has to reassure me that I don't have a serious illness, no one hates me, and the mouse WILL NOT eat Carter's toes. I always come back with "but it COULD happen" or "that could be the case". It never is, the situation in my mind is WAY worse than real life. Maybe I do it so that life is more tolerable and pleasant? I don't have a clue. All I know is I am jealous that Marc sees the world in a good light with endless possibilities and hope. I see sharp corners, killers, thieves, and tapeworm ridden people!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Growing Up

Growing up is a really interesting day you wake up and BAM! you are an adult. Although, I sort of feel like my whole life I was a mini adult. Always pretty serious, careful, and guilt ridden. (Gotta LOVE Catholic guilt!) The first time I made $20 (it was either from babysitting or reffing a soccer game) I kept it for almost an entire year. I wanted to spend it on the PERFECT item. I do believe I bought a CD with it or possibly a GAP polo shirt. Either way I have always been responsible. For real! I bought a house at the age of 23. On my own, no roommates, no one helping foot the mortgage or insurance. It was all on me.

Except for that glorious place called college. Ey yi yi! It was the first time I had freedom and the first time I decided to be a fun person. Looking back I think I could have enjoyed it more. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast, but even during those amazing four years I still knew I had a future and had to prepare for it.

The reason I bring this up is that now my college buddies are having babies. I have one kid, with another on the way, and all these babies trip me out! When I used to tell someone to hand me a bottle it most certainly was NOT a baby bottle...something a tad bit more poisonous. HA! Like, how did we get here?! When did we become 30?! Date parties have been replaced by play dates. Rap/dance music has been replaced by toys that have annoying beats to them!

But you know what, I am glad that life is behind me. I have been fortunate in that I completely and fully embrace each stage of my life and gladly give it a hug and kiss goodbye. I've never had a problem with getting older, never had a problem facing the next challenge...I figure it's coming whether I want it to or not so I better enjoy it. At least try to!

Every now and again though, it's fun to look back on those wild times. It's fun reminiscing with friends about the stupid times of our youth. Telling the same old stories over and over again just to have a chance to belly laugh really hard.

I am thankful for where I have been and thankful for where I am going. But most of all I am thankful for exactly where I am right now.

(although! some days all I want is to go back to the Wood, hang out on the ZTA hall, drinking with my girls, without a care in the world!)

Our First Blog

That title sounds dirty, doesn't it?!

Anyhoo, Marc and I both enjoying writing and documenting our lives. Typically our thoughts are around family (specifically, right now, Carta Jean), but every now and again our thoughts turn to other more worldly things. Maybe not worldly as much as just off the wall, random happenings. So we figured, hey, what not blog?! I tend to put my thoughts out on facebook, so hopefully I'll remember this little site and post things here as well.

Hope you enjoy!