Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Tale of a Dog and his BFF

**Here is an email exchange between my sweet husband and a worker from Scott Pet/Pork Chomp. This happened years ago but still cracks me up. ENJOY!**

Good Morning,

I’m writing because my dog has recently lost his best friend. His name was Chomper, and he came free with a purchase of mini-knots. From the instant TJ (our 4 year old German Shepherd) laid eyes on Chomper we knew they had a friendship that would last forever. Now TJ is known for destroying toys within moments of their hitting the floor…but with Chomper it was different, Chomper he would carry with him everywhere he went, never once trying to mutilate him in anyway. That is until I, in all my infinite wisdom, decided to play with TJ and Chomper roughly, it was at this time Chomper was tragically decapitated. This has left TJ grief stricken beyond believe. I’ve attached photos, in fact – TJ is wearing Chomper’s collar around his wrist in honor of his lost friend. We had placed Chopper’s remains on the kitchen table and TJ reached up, grabbed the body, and laid with it all day.

So having said this, would you happen to have any more Chomper dolls available for sale? And on a somewhat unrelated note – Both TJ and Tyler (lab/collie mix) love the mini-knots.

Thank you in advance.

Well, by all means, tell TJ that we are sending a clone of Chomper with your order! We’ll get them added to the website in order to prevent future trauma.

Thanks for your email! We all got a kick out of it.
Christy Games
Scott Pet/Pork Chomps

P.S. Tell TJ we think he is so cute! We would love to add his picture to our testimonial section.

Good Morning! I just want to thank you again for sending a new Chomper for TJ, the two were reunited last night after far too long. TJ did appear to be in disbelief that the friend he lost in a horrific tug-of-war accident was back and in what looked to be the best shape of his life. After explaining to TJ new technologies in medicine, that disbelief subsided and he became overwhelmed with joy, and the two were carrying on as if no time had been lost. It was clear that TJ didn’t want to Chomper to endure too much stress in his return, so for the most part they just hung out and caught up on old times. I’ve attached some pictures of the reunion, I think you can see the happiness in both their faces!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Music Moves My Soul

So I have a love/hate relationship with music. I LOVE music, it moves me, reminds me of the good and the bad times, puts me in a good mood, gets me out of a bad mood...but it also makes me cry instantly sometimes. And sometimes this cry is a sob. Can't lie, I'm a softie.

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King will FOREVER be etched in my brain as Carter's album. It came out when CJ was just a wee little thing and it's what I listened to non stop!!! I danced around the room with her singing in to her ear, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, spinning, swaying, being totally in love. I cannot get through Baby Blue without crying. I just can't do it. Lying in the Hands of God, forget about it. When I hear a song off that album it takes me back to the spring/summer of '09. I love that about music. It's like a Quantum Leap!

Another song that is TOTALLY Carty is Three Little Birds by Mr. Bob Marley. Marc and I would sing it to her as a newborn to get her to stop crying. Worked most of the time. And to this day it's my go-to when she's upset. When we had no heat and we all had to sleep on a mattress next to the fireplace, I sang this to her so she could fall asleep. And it worked. Magic I say.

So with music being so big in our first child's life (I mean, she was named after a drummer) I often wonder if music will be as big in our second child's life. I don't know how it couldn't. Marc and I both love the stuff, as does Carta Jean. She has some dance moves too! The first song that really hit me as a "Deuce Song" was Michael Buble's Haven't Met You Yet.! It's a song I sing quite often to my little growing babe.

Well today, I have found an additional one. Paul McCartney's Calico Skies.


It was written that I would love you
From the moment I opened my eyes
And the morning when I first saw you
Gave me life under calico skies

I will hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life

Always looking for ways to love you
Never failing to fight at your side
While the angels of love protect us
From the innermost secrets we hide

I'll hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life

Long live all of us crazy soldiers
Who were born under calico skies
May we never be called to handle
All the weapons of war we despise

I'll hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life
I'll hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my ...
For the rest of my life


Good lawd do I love music and everything about it. Which brings me to BABY NAMES! WOOT WOOT!! We straight up have a boy's name, but we currently have two girls names, with one leading the pack. And yes, the one leading the pack is a musical name.

Can anyone guess?! And if you know the name, hmm hmm Lisa, you can't guess!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gut Wrenching Blog

So today I read a blog that rocked me to my core. It hit me so hard I had to shut my office door and just cry. Even then I couldn't fully feel my emotions because they were THAT strong. I am a person that has to FULLY ENTIRELY 100 PERCENT feel something in order to move. Sometimes this means burying it a bit and returning to it at a more suitable time. This now may be the time, so get ready!

The blog is written by a woman in her early 30's, with a 2 year old daughter and a 3 or 4 month old baby girl. The entry I read today was the birth story of her second child. It starts off with her excitement over the anticipation of meeting her "perfect" baby girl. As soon as the doctor laid the baby on her chest though, she knew the baby had Downs Syndrome. Realizing this fact, panic set in plus worry, angst, and every other negative feeling possible. It.was.gut.wrenching. I was sitting in my chair feeling her pain, having waves of emotion pass over me.

Giving birth is something no one can prepare you for. A hard birth is even more difficult. Not that anything HORRIBLE happened during Carter's birth but it certainly was not the way I had hoped it would go. I struggled for a good long while with the fact that I had to have a c-section. It haunted me for a month or so and sometimes still makes me feel uncomfortable.

And after reading this mom's blog I feel blessed and lucky over my situation. The guilt she must have felt for not freely and easily accepting her daughter instantly must be an emotion she has to deal with often. I appreciated her openness and candidness.

This, of course, got me to thinking. With my first pregnancy I ABSOLUTELY knew I did not want any genetic testings or anything else besides the required ultrasounds and glucose tests. I know myself quite well and knew that if something were wrong I would obsess over it for the rest of the pregnancy. This would be quite stressful and not good for anyone. Plus, there really isn't much that can be done in womb if a test comes back less than positively. There is an option to abort, but good gawd never would I do that.

I knew that my baby, my precious, darling little being was the one that God sent to me. That no matter what happened it was the baby I was supposed to have. So why test? Why work yourself up, your partner, your family and friends? Why not have everyone rejoice in such a magical and hopeful time?

Of course, if you follow my life you know I have a healthy, happy baby girl. Marc and I are blessed. Extremely blessed. We have had no major health scares or issues with CJ. And we have had no major health scares or issues with both pregnancies. Again, my birth story with Miss Carter was not smooth, but honestly, it could have been worse.

Which brings me to my current pregnancy. I am currently at 28 weeks which means I am in my third trimester. Once again only mandatory testing has been done. Reading the blog my first question was "did this mom not have any testing?" It turns out she did not. All of the ultrasounds were good and there was no cause for concern. So her baby having Downs was truly a shock. Which means, my Deuce, my "perfect" baby could have something wrong with him or her. Does this scare me? Yes. Do I worry that I should test and be prepared? Sometimes. But I know in the deepest part of my heart and soul that if something is wrong with Deuce then he/she was sent to me and Marc to be loved and taken care of. That we are the best parents for the little, perfect, angel. Of course you don't want anything to be wrong with your child, especially one that is a life long struggle, but you really do love your child no matter what. Even if it takes time to get there.

People always say when they find out that we aren't finding out the gender "well that's fun, I guess all that matters is the child is healthy". Which is very much a true statement. But I always tell them, I will love my baby whether it has 10 toes or 8. Whether it's healthy or not. I would and will do ANYTHING to be there for my children, to love them unconditionally, guide them, and help them to become beautiful, respectable people. That's my job after all, right?

As a mom you are always worrying, always second guessing, always believing you could have handled things differently. So it's hard to read such an open and honest blog in which a mom confronts one of, if not THE hardest moments of her life. Could I be OK with Deuce having Downs? Could I be OK with dealing with any number of issues that might happen? Am I strong enough, brave enough, loving enough to truly open up my life to a daily struggle? Are Marc and I strong enough? Are our family and friends supportive enough to help guide us through the turmoil?

I pray to God we are. I've learned it truly does "take a village" and we are lucky that our village is strong.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clean Eating AKA Eating Grass and Dirt

I have a pretty healthy husband (who in turn has made our daughter healthy). I also happen to have two sorority sisters that blog about their "clean" eating habits. You know, organic, no high fructose corn syrup, fresh veggies....all that jazz. All of these folks also work out regularly.


I am so far in the opposite direction it's not even funny. Growing up my parents always packed our lunches, we also had home cooked meals every night, and never had junk food or McDonald's. Domino's was a BIG, random treat. Soda was not something we ever considered and candy only came out during holidays. So how did I end up such a bad eater?!

For real, I consider myself a 15 year old boy when it comes to eating. Bagel Bites, love 'em! Corndogs, please! BBQ Fritos, Pringles, Fudge Rounds, Twinkies, chocolate chip cookies....the list could go on forever. I actually debated with my Endocrinologist about soda and BEGGED him to let me drink one a day. The crazy man actually told me to drop the bad habit completely. Sha! Don't get me wrong. I can eat a salad just fine, fruit is yummy, and playing volleyball is a love of mine. It's just that none of that is something I choose to do daily!

To show you an example of my life please check out these pictures!

Here is what I just snacked on...and I must say, I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Last week my husband and I each decided to have cereal for dinner. Please notice two things, the contents in the bowl, as well as the SIZE!

Pretty hilarious huh?! You don't see those colors in nature!

I will say though, I have gotten better with the water drinking. I think Deuce has something to do with that. I drink so much water in fact, my husband had to order me a 40 oz Klean Kanteen. I love it, btw.

I am not necessarily proud of my eating habits, but I've never (yet) had a weight problem, high blood pressure problem, or any other ailment involving bad eating. I always get a good report from the doc and I feel really good about my body shape and weight. Always have. Yes, I know, I am fat right now, but that's what a fetus will do to ya! Not sure how I've managed to stay skinny. Genetics? Maybe? Or maybe it's the fact that when I am full, I am DONE! I HATE HATE HATE the feeling of being full. In my opinion you ruin a meal when you have one too many bites. You can't move, you have to unbutton pants, and you are totally lethargic. I like to eat and be comfortable. It amazes my husband that I will leave one bite left of my sandwich. But hey, if that one bite is going to make me feel sick, I would rather not eat it. I also don't eat just because it's lunch time or dinner time. I eat when I get hungry and I eat what I am craving. I am a big believer that your body tells you what it needs. Granted, I doubt a body EVER needs a Twix, but maybe your soul does!

This blog really is just to be silly. I admire Marc, Alicia and Jen for taking the healthy approach to life and I 100% agree there is an obesity problem in America and kids are horrible eaters. And what is up with school systems getting rid of Phys Ed?! I don't plan on letting my little ones eat the crap I least not until they are old enough to buy it themselves and choose their own diets. We're lucky in that our daughter really does enjoy granola, water, fruit, and all that other healthy nonsense! I also won't let my kids sit in front of the television all day, or the computer, I will make them play outside! (Because really, I don't want them interrupting me while I am watching my shows!) I will pass on the good habits that my parents passed on to me. Hopefully it sticks with them though!

Forget eating the ground and give me my Fruit Roll Ups and remote control!!!