Friday, May 7, 2010

The Beauty that is My Life

I find myself moved to tears these days. When I think of how lucky and blessed I am tears overwhelm me. Watching my daughter, hearing my husband laugh, the thoughts of a new babe in my washes over me. These are all good tears of course, the very best kind. Instead of sadness I want joy...nothing wrong with that, right? I would rather swim in the beauty of my daughter's smile, feel the movement of my baby hiccuping, and hug the man I love.

I am blessed.

I am blessed to limits I did not know existed. Having unconditional, real, hardcore love is amazing. To know that you can be EXACTLY who you are and be accepted is amazing. To know that you can fail, fall down, crack, and be a mess but there are people there to pick you up, clean you up, and send you on your way is amazing.

Which brings me to Mother's Day.

I knew Sunday, May 9 was Mother's Day, but honestly I sort of forgot that it was a day for me, as well as the mothers I know in my life! Crazy right?! I think most moms just go through their days, doing what they do, not thinking about what it really takes to be a mom. I can only speak for myself, but I love the job of "mom". Sure it's hard and sure I complain, but gosh is it rewarding. Not to say the only way to have a rewarding life is to be a mom, but for me it's really made this journey around the sun a great one. So when it hit me going to bed Saturday night that the next day was there for me, I got really excited! Anyone that knows Marc P knows he's pretty spectacular and I could only imagine what he had in store.

He did not disappoint.

Waking up I just knew it would be special and it was! He picked out the BEST greeting cards (I am a greeting card junkie by the way), the best gifts, and created a perfect day for me. My favorite part of the day was taking a family walk around our neighborhood. Granted my big self could not walk far, or fast, but MJ and CJ humored me and walked slowly along side me. Isn't that a great metaphor for life? He was also kind enough to take the kid and leave the house for a couple of hours so I could rest. No, I am not that mom that thinks a good Mother's Day is one in which a kid is not around, but these days sleep is hard to come by for me and Marc knew this fact. They had a great outing together and I took a much needed nap. I ended the day with wine and a bath. Ahh...Heaven!

So here is a big shout out to the man that made me a mom and the little lady that is my first born! You two are so friggin awesome and I am BLESSED to know you.

Deuce, get ready, you have a lot to live up to!!!