Sunday, November 28, 2010

The hum of life around me

It's a Sunday morning and I hear Gabriel chatting away, Carter in the kitchen with Momma and Poppa and my sweet husband playing Angry Birds. I am one lucky and blessed gal to have so much. Through all the craziness I have my family and that's what makes life sweet. They are what makes my heart beat with joy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Few of CJ's Favorite Things

Little diddy about Carter Jean...

CJ is SUPER fun these days, like amazingly awesome. I am totally digging the toddler/kid stage of life. She is learning a bunch of new words, is very spirited (also known as independent, feisty, and downright mean sometimes!), can walk up and down steps holding the railing, eats well, listens well (most of the time) and melts your heart with her "night night" routine before bed. The child loves to be outside. She suckers people in to putting shoes on her feet. Which is fine, except then she screams to actually go out. Carter still loves doggies but poor Cash gets yelled at by her all the time. Dora and Elmo are some favorites. Talking on the phone is fun for her as long as someone isn't on the other side. She clams up for some reason when there is a real life person. And yes, CJ still loves her binky (pacifier) and we are ok with that for now. So don't bring it up! HA!

I love her. Like really, really, really love her and squeeze her way too hard when I hug her.

Here are some things she's digging these days:

TRUCKS! These are actually Marc's micro-machines (or whatever they are called) from his childhood. She LOOOOOOVES it. I think she dreams about them at night. She says "weeee" when the trucks go down the hill. Hours of entertainment from this beautiful, magical toy.

MAKING COFFEE! I would like to say it's for Marc or me, but it's really just something to do. I showed her ONE TIME how to make coffee and she became a barista. I would be ok with this new found trick but she forgets to put a cup under the dripper...let's just say we are grateful for the overflow cup.

CRAFTS! This is the epicenter of craftiness. Crayons and stickers are her two most favorite but sometimes she entertains the glue and some pipe cleaners.

STEPS! She is pretty good going up and down but every now and again it gets dicey. But they are so enticing...can't blame the kid.

HER CHAIR! This thing is awesome, wish I had one. It's a chair and then a bed. Gah, kids have the best things. She lounges here a lot. Sometimes Gabe is "allowed" to be here, but not often.

PURSE! Yep, she loves her purse just like her momma. She carries around the store with her and all the ladies love it. The fact that people are smiling and cooing over her makes her love it more. The child loves some attention. Is that a woman thing or a Pisces thing?!

SHOES! My daughter is smitten with shoes. I mean she hearts them big time. Doesn't even have to be her own, she loves all equally. You can see how badly she beats them up too.

THERMOMETER! Who doesn't love to know their and everyone else's temperature?

And here are just some pictures of my sweetness:

CURLS! CJP has curls and they are precious. I don't want to cut them in fear of losing them forever.

IN ACTION! Writing up to-do's I am sure.

And here is a pic of Gabe's aftermath:

Doesn't take much to entertain him, a pig, a bunny, phone and coffee cup. Love that boy. I would do a post on his favorite things but really me and food seem to be #1 and #2 and I don't think you want pictures of bottles, baby food and yours truly!

So life is really, really good. It's been a bit stressful the past few weeks but each day it gets better. We are sleep training our little Gabers and that seems to be going as well as expected. He is super yummy and has the best smile. It's all gummy right now with just two little chompers on the bottom.

Marc is recovering nicely from surgery and is being an excellent patient. He actually listens to his mom and me which is nice. Work has been super understanding and very generous with him during this time. We are blessed, truly.