Thursday, December 23, 2010

GB and His Favorite Things

My Gabriel, my sweet, wonderful, charming Gabriel. What can I say about him?

Well, the first thing I can say is I wanted him VERY badly! Right after Carter was born I knew I wanted to do it all again. Jealous is the word I used a lot when reading about friends announcing their pregnancies. Yes, I am a weirdo, I had a baby, a newborn, and I still wanted another. As soon as we got the go ahead from the doc we started trying. Low and behold it happened fast and we were thrilled to learn our kids would be 15 months apart.

Crazy, right?! But it's exactly what we wanted.

So now that he is about to be 6 months old, on Christmas!, I thought it would be fitting to share what he loves these days. I could write an entirely different post on what I love about him. Well, I guess it comes down to one word - EVERYTHING! I am so in love with the kid it's sickening. But he's just so cute.

The boy does great in the car seat, whether it's in the car or not! The blanket is from Aunt Sue, thanks!

This magical, lovable creature helped him to finally sleep through the night and take great naps. Thanks Aunt Lor for this amazing gift! Doesn't he just look like a friend?!

Uncle Michael and Aunt Heidi actually bought this for CJ when they went to Disney. Gabe has taken it over and LOOOOVES it! Especially his tail.
(Yes, he is in a pink bib, but who cares?! Right?! It was Carter's and I'm too cheap to buy boy colored ones.)

Even if he is the monster at the end of the book, he's still lovable! Look at his smile! His wave! He's cute and Gabe adores him!

Bottle form (yes those were obviously Carter's as well!) and baby food.


This was his face when Marc's mom walked in to the kitchen during my photo shoot. He is likes this EVERY TIME he sees her. Sometimes it's hard to feed him if momma is in the room because he follows her with his eyes and smiles if she looks at him. It's precious.

He zooms around in this thing! And he maneuvers quite well too, even turns his head when backing up. He's hilarious!

Yes, I put myself, but how could I not? He crushes on me hardcore. HA! We're a pretty good match. I mean really, doesn't it just LOOK like he loves me?! HA!

(He does!)

He loves, loves, loves his big sister so, so much. He just thinks that CJ hung the moon. If she pays attention to him watch out, you can feel the sunshine coming off of him!!

I haven't been able to take a picture yet (1-because I am sleeping and 2-because it's cute and I don't want to interrupt) but in the mornings Marc feeds Gabe a bottle and watches Mike and Mike in the Morning. Just the two of them. My two boys!

I must note, it has taken me ALL MORNING to do this post because Gabey Baby has been something else! It's as if he knows I am writing about him and wants to prove everything I write wrong. Ey yi yi, kids! And I realize things aren't lined up, but it is what it is. Screaming kid and a blog that isn't working with me equals ugly post. C'est la vie!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gooey - 5 Tears

Maybe it's Christmas, maybe it's moving, maybe it's a whole lot of stuff, but one thing I know is that I am happy. The gooey chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven happy. I guess this blows up my last post and takes it to another level...I was sure to add the tear rating on this one though!

Do you ever have those moments where you hold your breath and think, "Wow, this is good. This thing I got going is REALLY good"? Well I have three VERY distinct moments from this weekend.

1. Marc set up a date night, well day really because we are parents and staying up late is just not possible anymore, for us this Saturday. Lined up babysitters, made reservations, and let me pick out the movie. As we were watching the previews I was overcome with joy. I don't know why in that setting I was moved, but I was. I was with my love, just my love, having an amazing time. And that was just the start of the date! The rest of the night (day) was fantastic. CJ even got to stay up late, so she was thrilled.

2. This one may not sound pleasant, but it was actually pretty funny and cute and is our life exactly. The Jets were playing the Steelers (both teams close to my family's heart) and the ending was pretty intense. Marc's brother and his wife came over with two of their kids, momma and poppa watched, as did Team Patrouch. Well towards the end of the game the Jets did something great or the Steelers did something bad, not sure which, but it was an exciting moment for all Jets fans. Well EVERYONE cheered and yelled and was very happy...except for our sweet Gabriel. The look on his face was pure terror and the tears were about to bust out of his yitto eyeballs. However, Marc did not know this was happening so he was moving Gabe's arms and yelling, "J-E-T-S JETS JET JETS"! It was so insanely funny and awful all at the same time. I of course rescued the boy from the clutches of his father and Marc felt awful, but it was such a silly moment that I couldn't help but love my family, actually be IN love with my family.

3. Marc was following Carter Jean up the stairs and I was at the top. Well our little Carty was "walking" her baby up the stairs. She moved the doll's legs up the stairs making sure each foot hit each step. She is such a good little momma and she loves on her babies like I love on mine. It was just precious to see her being so adult like, so loving, and so cute. It made me realize that I am doing something right. That this move, this career change, the whole shabang is worth it.

Yeah, maybe we don't live in a huge house (or even our own house!), maybe we don't drive expensive cars, or wear expensive clothes (Old Navy, I still love ya, don' you worry!) but we have love. It's all encompassing, all inclusive, and it's better than gold. When Carter gets up and declares it's time to go and yells "Bye" as she marches out of the room, or when Gabriel flashes his winning smile at me and almost breaks my heart with his cuteness, or when Marc gets a proud, beaming smile on his face because he's out on a date with me, I turn in to mush, gooey, ooey mush, and I say a little thank you to the man upstairs for blessing me so much. Are there hard times? Of course. Are there moments when I don't think I can do it? Of course. Life is rough and messy sometimes, complicated and scary, but at the end of the day if you know you are loved and you love, do you need much more? I think sometimes we (I) make things more difficult than they need to be. I am jealous that Marc can throw himself in to any moment, make any bad thing better, and have the optimism needed to get through dark times. I am jealous that Carter has spunk and spirit and is our "dainty bull". I am jealous that Gabriel is happy all the dang time and just looooves the ladies (ha!). But as jealous as I get I always think "They are mine, they belong to me, and I get to be all those things just by being close to them. I get to be the person I most want to be because they teach me how."

I am "one of those" ladies whose life changed when the doctor handed a sweet little baby to her. I am IN LOVE with being a mom and wife, and I am IN LOVE with the life given to me.

I never thought life could be so good. Who knew that one little job offer back in the summer of 2006 would give me so much.

"All that I can give you, is forever yours to keep, wake up every day with a dream, and happy ever after in your eyes."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Medical Diagnosis is...


Ha! This is my most recent diagnosis (for myself). Where do I start?! So, before I had kids I was definitely a sap. Contrary to a certain sorority sister who tried to make me cry and never could. Commercials, movies, cards, moments, yada yada yada, I cried all the time. Sometimes quiet tears, sometimes sobs, and sometimes I couldn't breathe. (Random fun fact: the singing of the National Anthem at the beginning of sporting events always chokes me up.)

Well, that was NOTHING compared to what I do now. It's a disease I swear it. After CJ, my lovely first born, it got worse. After my second born though, wowie kazowie, it's at an all time high. Just last night I was reading a blog and I started tearing up. Marc asked me what was wrong and I told him, "Nothing. It's just a really sweet post about a little girl's first ballet recital and her grandpa brought her flowers. Can you imagine Poppa bringing Carter flowers?!" Ahh, the tears really started then.

I don't know why it's gotten so bad. These days the happy things make me cry the most and the sad stuff REALLY makes me cry. I've had to stop reading/watching the news because I literally cannot handle the horrible stuff that is going on. I can't hear bad stories about loved ones, or deaths, or anything that isn't happy pappy. But then I have to be careful for the really happy stuff too. I started tearing up when friends sent pics of their newborn baby daughters and I was overcome with joy for them. They have so much to look forward to and swimming in the bliss of a baby is the best feeling in the world. When I see my kiddos together...tears. Gabe is SO IN LOVE with CJ and she is sometimes in like with him. But it's so neat to see siblings together.

And I am pretty sure nothing can compete with seeing your husband be a dad. And a damn good one at that. It makes my heart jump a little every time I see the big ol' cheesy grin he gets when either kid does something cute. Or when one is sad and dad's big hug takes care of it. (And yes, I am starting to tear up now.) I got really lucky when Marc decided I was the one who he wanted to spend his days with. He's the best person I've ever met, such a good guy. We are opposites in a lot of ways, which is good AND needed, and we are similar in a lot of ways. Great really, we are!

Life is beautiful. My family is beautiful. And this time of year (although cold) is beautiful.

To quote Ryan Adams, "Remember, you're the one that sings, And it's a gift, And life's a beautiful thing."