Thursday, January 27, 2011

Traded In Concert Tickets for Baby Cuddles

You know what is crazier than having your own kids and becoming a mom?! Seeing your BFF have a kid and become a mom. And a damn good one too.

I had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend's daughter last week. (Big ups to Marc, Lor, Momma and Poppa for watching the kids so I could make said visit.) It was SUPER hard for me to wait as long as I did to meet Miss Em, but I respected Lisa's request and waited until she was ready. I totally understand too. After the birth of your first child you are overwhelmed, exhilarated, and down right exhausted. So I gladly, but not easily, waited until she could catch her breath. And boy did I fall in love. Once you have kids that are sitting, walking, talking, turning in to little beings, you forget how sweet and little they once were. Without pictures I really don't think I would remember what CJ and GB were like as newborns. Sad, I know. Babies are so sweet at 7 weeks old, especially this one. She napped, ate, smiled, squeaked, and slept some more. It was divine. Oh yeah, it was great talking to her mom too. What's her name again? Lisa, it's Lisa! HA!! Lisa may or may not have been annoyed with me though because I couldn't turn off my mom instincts. I wanted to make her food, clean up, and in general just take care of her. I am shocked I didn't try to spoon feed her. HA! (What is it with us, we can't not be moms?!) Even if I am sitting down I am always ready to do something for Carter or do something for Gabe, so naturally I just wanted to do something for Lisa or Emery. But gosh darnit Lisa would only let me sit and chat with her. I did get to feed Ems though and change her, so I got to be a mom sometimes. I even got to dance and walk with her a little bit.

A major goal Lisa wanted to accomplish was getting out of the house. AND WE DID! We managed to get to Babies R Us and lunch. Then we were both ready to get back to the house. I am not lying when I say that I barricaded Carter and I in the house after she was born. (Who am I kidding, I did it with Gabe too!) I was scared and nervous to leave. Honestly. Maybe I am/was nutty, but it's the truth. So I totally understood Lisa's desire to get back to the nest. The nest is cozy, comfortable, you have you own bathroom, changing table, clean kitchen, television, it's just much, much easier. I admire the women that are brave and take their newborns out. I never could. (This is not to say Lisa isn't brave or she's kooky or something, don't read in to it people! I'm speaking from my point of view.)

Anyhoo, I guess I want to write an open letter to my friend. Lisa, you were exactly the mom I thought you would be. Loving, caring, affectionate, and totally in love. You are a beautiful mom, you have a beautiful daughter, and you are doing great. Just sit on your couch and love on your baby, they don't let you hold them and kiss all over them for long. Soak it all up now. Accept any and all help thrown your way, don't be afraid to ask questions, and tell Emery that you love her five thousand times a day. And for God's sake sleep when the baby sleeps. HAHA!

To quote Miss Swift, "Oh darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up, just stay this little. Oh darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up, it could stay this simple."

How about you? Have you seen a BFF become a parent? How were you after your kids were born, free to roam about the Earth or barricaded in the basement?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Being your kids!

You are thinking, whaaa?! But let me tell you more...

I had a conversation with a friend about the hardships of being a mom. I said, "Yep, it's like being hazed. You hate it while you're going through it and think, "why am I doing this?", and then afterwards you think, "wow, I made it! I'm pretty awesome!"." It's soooooo true. There are some hard freaking days and at the end of it you lay your head down and tell yourself that tomorrow will be better. And then it usually is! (Kids have an AH MAY ZING ability to rebound quickly from bad stuff and melt your heart with cuteness.)

The hazing from your kids is quite different than hazing from adults. I NEVER had an adult throw a temper tantrum in my direction, hand me a slobbery cough drop, dirty tissue, or chewed up food, never had an adult throw up on me, bleed on me, or make me change their dirty diaper. Ok, so maybe both sets DID yell at me and maybe make me cry, but one was a lot less gross.

Much like pledging though once you get through your pledge period (however long it may be...with CJ it wasn't long, GB made me pledge for a very, very, very long time, sort of like the underground fraternity at LC.) you have a wonderful group of people that you are bonded to for life. Both are expensive. Both take a lot of commitment. Both keep you up late at night. Both make you do crap you really don't want to - sing stupid songs, make stupid crafts, go to parties where you may not like the people there, be nice when you don't feel like it, etc. etc. Both are totally worth it.

Now, if you did not pledge than you think I am a nutso. If you did pledge maybe you think it's easier than being a parent. But for realz, I'd go back to Spring 99 in a heartbeat compared to what I face now. HA!

I enjoy both of my fraternities. Both have taught me a lot - mostly patience and understanding.

ZTA and CJGB, I heart you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear 2010, We Love You, Team Patrouch

I could write A LOT so I thought it would be best to tell our story with pictures. So much happened in 2010 - new jobs, a move, a new baby, a baby that turned 1, surgery, friends and family having babies, friends and family having birthdays, anniversaries, wine time, daycare buds, parks, visits, laughs, tears, music, and one hell of a time!

We are blessed beyond belief and we thank everyone that has been there for us. We love you and look forward to many more good times in 2011!