Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yippies = Yuppies + Hippies

Marc and I have VERY weird conversations, very weird. Most people would probably look at us very strangely if they overheard us. I am sure there are still people talking about this particular conversation we had in Best Buy.

We want to start a coffee shop/restaurant/bar geared toward Yippies. The coffee shop, of course, would be made from reclaimed wood, serve organic coffee and scones with the freshest of ingredients. Only singer-songwriter music will be played. Only Mac products will be installed. And it will be a requirement that the baristas will have wrist tattoos.

The restaurant will serve hummus and pita as their bread option, avocado as their condiment, and again, all organic. Waiters and waitresses will be required to wear thick, black framed glasses. Our logo, similar to a Mac, will be an avocado outline instead of an apple. We might go out of our comfort zone and play music other than singer-songwriter. But it will be acoustic.

The bar will have only micro brews. And the bookshelves will be lined with the classics. Debates around politics and medical coverage will take place. Live bands will play while white guys hold their beers and only move their upper bodies. When live bands aren't playing rugby and futbol matches will be on the televisions.

Of course in each area there will be hook ups for laptops and iPods. Bathrooms will have soy candles only! That are lemongrass, basil, and sandalwood. Of course no paper towels will be found, only earth friendly options to dry those hands of yours.

No need to tip anyone either, everyone has chosen this profession because they "aren't mainstream", don't want to "work for the man", they "do it cause they love it". Plus, they are only working part time while they attend classes to be a social worker or environmental saver person.

WASPY NAMES ONLY! Do not apply unless your name is Barrett, Winston, Ani, or Sayrah. If we really like you though and get a good Yippie vibe, we'll just use your last name if we don't like your first name.

And yes, this would be a favorite hang out for Marc and me! We would absolutely love this place cause we are Yippies!

What else would you like to see in our coffee shop/restaurant/bar? Oh...we need good name ideas!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And In This Corner...

You have Marc, the groom, and in this corner you have Emily, the bride!

Do you ever feel like saying that in your marriage/relationship??? Comes with the territory. What's great about fighting as a married couple is that, for the most part, you know you'll put the gloves down, call a truce and move on.

At least you hope so.

But I find great comfort in knowing how to fight 3 years in to our marriage. At first it's not easy. You don't want to be mean or pushy, selfish, rude, you try to keep the peace. And then at some point claws come out, mouth guard put in, earrings come off and you slick up your face. True dirty fighting takes place. You know what to say to get your way, what to say to really piss 'em off, and what to say to just end it. Some can be brutal! I mean BRUTAL!!! Others are hilarious and you can't help but start laughing in the middle of them.

I know on our anniversary day I should talk about the butterfly eyes, fluttering hearts, and Cupid coming from some mystical place to shoot you in the heart. But c'mon, that's for the birds, right?! Maybe, maybe not.

But I like we were are. We are comfortable but not complacent. We are in love, not lust. We truly admire and respect each other and honesty is of the utmost importance. We are solid.

Not to say we didn't have that to start off with, but I can honestly say we've grown better at it. On your first anniversary you're so in love, and everything is new and exciting. Granted we had 6 month old messing with some of that, but we were definitely newlyweds. Marc was hot and cute and fun. He kept me on my toes. I was skinny and playful, not bogged down my duties at home.

We were awesome!!

Now we are those things but BETTER! I see that Marc has grown in to an amazing man. He takes care of his wife, his kids, his job and his life. He is extremely responsible, organized, but playful and fun. He brings out the joy in all of us. Marc makes me be not so serious and always needing to "just do this" and "just do that". He makes me relax, sit back, enjoy the life that is happening around me while I do laundry, cook dinner, and clean rooms.

Bonus to this, he's still hot and cute!

Marriage is a roller coaster ride that has hills and valleys, twists, loops, upside down turns, fast and slow points, but all exciting. These days we might hear "Uh, don't go in there, it's stinky!" or "Have you brushed your teeth today? Gah!". You'll catch either one of us with drool on our shirt, poop on our finger, a toddler at our feet crying about something, wearing the same clothes all weekend, or just in general in a nasty mood. You don't have too many of those when you are newlyweds. You have "Damn baby you're looking good!" or "We can go to the beach this weekend or to a concert somewhere or just stay home and do nothing!". No planning, no thinking, you just go!

Those were great days. These days are my favorite. I get to walk down to my groom playing with the kids. I get to see him hug his baby girl and really, really mean it. I witness him showing his son how to fix things and "be a man" and I've been blessed with seeing him treat his mother and sisters with respect. (A HUGE must in my book!) I get to sleep beside him knowing I am safe. The man I married in 2008 is not the same man in 2011. He's Super Marc! He is mature, caring, kind, hilarious, sweet, and everybody loves him. I have so much respect for him and everything he has accomplished. I am proud to call him my husband. Today I know what "for better or for worse" really means and I know that Marc does as well. He will always stand by me, no matter what, just like he did on that alter in the University of Virginia Chapel on a bright August day. He will help me through 2 days of labor. Stay up with me while I cry about my problems. Rub my back when it feels like it's broken. And most importantly, help me navigate the world of being a parent.

"I do", two words that change your life. Two words that when said, mean you've promised to always be each other's best friend and biggest supporter.

"I remember thinking
Sometimes we walk
Sometimes we run away
But I know
No matter how fast we are running
Somehow we keep
Somehow we keep up with each other"