Monday, November 14, 2011

These are the Days of our Lives...

My baby is 11 weeks old.  ELEVEN WEEKS OLD! My mind cannot handle that number.  In Kroger yesterday I almost cried when I went down the baby food aisle. I mean, my little pumpkin is going to be eating that stuff soon. How?!  How is she old enough?  Soon she'll be driving.  Then in college.  And then her dad will be walking her down the aisle and I'll have to say goodbye to her.

Yes, that's Harper Ri's timeline: baby food, driving, college, marriage.

There's something special about this one.  So there's actually something special about each of them, but with this one, my last one, I am cherishing my time a bit more.  I knew after Carter and after Gabe I wanted more.  With Harps I'm pretty sure this is it.  The last true birth day being celebrated, the last newborn onesies to wash and put on a small baby, the last of the carrier car seat, last flips, crawls, walks, and first talks.  The endless feedings I'm experiencing now will turn in to snacks and meal times.  Her limpness cuddles are already turning in to her wanting to stand and move.  She's finding her voice, noticing the world, and growing with each second.

She's going to be my last little peanut.  Tears my heart to pieces.

I'm a baby freak.  My babies, my sweet round-headed babies, are my everything.  My heart and soul.  The cheese to my macaroni.  The peanut butter to my jelly.  The Piglet to my Pooh.

If I could just stop time for 5 minutes I would pick these ages to capture.  Carter is a riot.  Gabe is a sweetheart, and Harper is sweet.  Each one still under my roof.  Each one still loves me.  Each one is still my biggest fan, letting me know I'm doing ok.

I don't want them to grow up.  I want to live in this bliss forever.

If I were a working woman I'd be ending my maternity leave this week, facing the work world once again.  I will be sure to thank God each night this week that I don't have to go back.  I don't have to leave them.  I don't have trust them in someone else's care.  I get to be the one annoyed by their tantrums.  I get to be the one to stop the bites Gabe is sure to give Carter, stop the screaming Carter is sure to do after the bites, and change the five thousand diapers an eleven week old produces.  I am the one that gets the hugs and kisses.  The "I love you's" and the big gummy/toothy grins.  I hear the singing. I hear the playing.  I hear the love between siblings.

It's a crazy life, but it's perfect to me.  Deerfield is perfect.  Team Patrouch is perfect.  And each night I get to see excited little faces when Marc comes home.  Marc's being the cutest of them all.

I am home.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Evilness That Is Now My Friend

Never in my life have I worried about the scale and the number that appeared.  I didn't even own one until Marc moved in.  I AM NOW OBSESSED!  I've always been more interested in how I felt and how my clothes fit.  No more my friends.  I want to be a certain weight and that's all there is to it.

I've actually started to care about what I am eating.  Not that I still don't sneak junk because I am a firm believer if you deprive yourself of something you will want it that much more and eat that much more of it.  Whew, that was a lot of words.  So, if I want a snack I eat it.  But I stop with that one snack.  I've always been good about listening to my cravings...if I feel like a steak, to me, that means my body needs something that a steak provides.  If I want cheese then it must mean I am lacking calcium or something.  Well I am trying to pay even more attention to my cravings and only eat that item.  I'm also stopping when I'm full. Again, I've always done this because I think the full feeling you get after a meal is just plain gross.  I hate it.  But right now I REALLY hate it.  I vow that when I'm done, I'm done.  No more "one last bite" for me.

It also helps to have a biffles that is super in to eating healthy and working out.  I'm still trying to convince myself to work out.  I took the kids on a walk yesterday and that's about all I've done.  I've seen some ab exercise I may try too.  I miss volleyball.  That was the one thing I loved to do!  Anyhoo, my bff is also very great about responding to all of my questions regarding food.  And I've started to read the packages in the store to try and find the most healthy options.

I just weighed myself and I'm under 150!!  YAY! Ok, so maybe it's still morning and I haven't eaten today, but it's still under 150.  This makes me oh so happy.  Right before I married Marc I was 124 pounds.  That number shines in my head like a Broadway sign.  It's my ultimate goal, but I'm sure I'll never get there.  For now I think 135 is a reachable destination.  And don't get on me about 3 kids in 3 years and Harper is only 11 weeks old, I hate the chub that I carry around with me all day long.

Wish me luck friends, I'll need it!

And my bestest pal, Lisa, doesn't recommend the anorexia route.  FYI.  So I will not be going about weight loss that way.

P.S.  I've started drinking more water.  I do think it's helping with the energy level and making my skin better.  It also fills you up so you don't eat as much.  But golly day is it hard to drink 3 QUARTS of water a day.  I'm averaging about half of that.  My whole day is dedicated to drinking water.  If I go to drink a soda or something else I redirect and grab the ol' water bottle.  It's wearing me out!!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing House

"You'd say we're playing house, Now you still say we are..."

After being with Marc for awhile I remember telling him it felt like I was dreaming or on vacation or something. Everything just seemed so great that it couldn't possibly last. I'd either wake up or come back home and he wouldn't be there anymore. That's how wonderful life really was. Well now I feel that way, but about a hundred times more.

Each team member is unique and fun, and makes me happy!!!

What can I say about our dainty bull? She is so awesome. Right now she is loving some princesses. She hasn't taken off her Halloween costume since Monday. CJ loves to spin around in her dress and say she's pretty. Which she is! And the funniest part is that ANY dress is a princess dress, not just one with pink and glitter. Our little gal isn't just pretty, she's smart. Of course every parent says that, but she really is. She's learned how to play with the iPad, iPhone and iPod. She also has a wicked memory and doesn't forget anything. We now have to be careful of what we say and what we promise. C is also an amazing drawer. She spends hours drawing pictures. A trait she gets from her dad. She throws some great toddler tantrums, but she's also super polite and well behaved. After her flu shot she actually said thank you to the nurse! A couple of weeks ago she finished her swimming lessons. Marc took her every Saturday as a special thing for them to do. A few times she got to be the person that demonstrated the skill they were learning. Marc was a proud poppa! Overall, she is one neat kid. She sings and dances, tells fantastic stories and is delightful. In the morning she says, "I awake now, I not sleeping!". And so I let her know she can get up. This all being done between the walls. After I give her the go-ahead I hear her open and close her door, going running down the hall, down the steps and say, "Oh hey dad!". She makes me smile.

Gabberdiodle. My Gabers. Gabearoo. Apple of my eye. Ugh, I can't get enough of him. He's precious. The thing that is most said about him is "He's so smiley!". And he is. He really is!! He's starting to speak a bit but not full words. He says nana for banana, mama, dada and buh bye. He waves and blows kisses. He also sits down for diaper changes when he sees me holding a diaper. Pavlov would be proud. He also has the most amazing pincer grip skills I've ever seen!!! He only grabs food with his pointer finger and thumb. Everything he does is unique! G is also ALL boy. Loves to knock things over, make loud noises and climb. He actually got stuck on the coffee table one day and I thought it was so funny I recorded it instead of helping him. Such a happy kid who is tons of fun and a fantastic cuddler. He makes me smile all day long!! Marc says I don't have a soft spot for the boy, I have a sinkhole. And I can't argue.

Our little rookie. She made the practice squad and eventually the team. We are glad to have her playing with us. She was born so tiny and little but has packed on the pounds. She has a nice round head and double chin which makes me giggle. Her smile makes me smile and I am thankful that she's so happy. So far she's a bit leery of her brother but is obsessed with her sister. On quite a few occasions I've enlisted CJ to help me calm the littlest Patrouch. But it always works so I'll keep doing it!! H still has a bubbly mouth, which is weird, but it doesn't seem to bother her so I don't worry. Even if I do Google it often. The thing that has most amazed me in her little life is what happened right after she was born. When they lifted her up she was crying but as soon as she heard my voice she stopped. Absolutely stopped crying and became peaceful. It's amazing to me that I can have such an affect on another human being. My presence made her feel better. I get tears thinking about it. I love my little love bug and thinks she's super precious!!!

Our manager, coach, team leader. Marc is a pretty alright guy. He's so involved with our little family and I'm lucky for that. On the weekends he makes sure I get out of the house so I don't go completely insane. At night he takes whichever kid is driving me bonkers, sometimes all of them, and entertains them while I get some alone time. M always takes on bath duty, changes diapers, gets kids ready for bed, helps clean up and the most important contribution, makes me coffee every single morning. He lets me bitch and complain about whatever, let's me hog the bed, and let's my weirdo self feel normal. We've had a lot going on these past three years but he's never lost his cool. At least not in front of me! I heart the guy big time. He's also super funny and makes me laugh all the time. Which is so important in a marriage. M is awesome with the kids and is such a great role model. Nothing, absolutely nothing, makes me love him more than when he is bonding with the children. They all play together, laugh, run around, cuddle, dance, hug and love one another. Marc dances around with a fussy Harps to get her to sleep, holds her for hours when needed and gets up early with her so I can sleep. He kisses boo boos, hugs away pain, and wipes away tears. All of this PLUS goes to work everyday to make this life possible. We give him an A+ in the awesomeness category.

So, I'm lucky. Oh so lucky. Hopefully this dream/vacation never ends!!

(The lyric at the beginning of this post is from Jack Johnson's song "Do You Remember".)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Collage of Thoughts

Sometimes I have SO much to write about I just don't write.  None of it fits in to one category, or they all sort of criss cross and I can't organize it so I don't.

I could write about my kids and how insanely in love with them I am.  Like, I grab them, hug them, kiss them all over until they wiggle out of my arms, and then I do it again.  Luckily I have three and one can't move too well, so I can spread the love.  I was never a mom that thought "How can I love my other kids as much as my first?"  I always knew the love would multiply.  And boy did it.  I bust at the seams with love for these kiddos.  They are just so.dang.cute!!!  I actually keep a journal of funny things that are said or happen.  I know one day I will appreciate the memories.

Something else I could write about? My husband.  The man that puts up with me  I really don't know how he does it.  I mean, I am a nut!  And if I don't sleep well, even nuttier!  Like crazy, toddler like behavior comes out of me if I don't sleep.

I should also address.the.periods.  Why do I do this? I hope it comes across as me making a strong point and not as though I don't understand punctuation.

Television and my kids is something I could address.  I posted a picture on facebook that eventually led to the fact that my children watch television.  It was all in a "joking" fashion, but I also know people have a strong hatred for the glowing box.  But boy do I love it. My kids are  healthy, love to play, imagine, be outside, but sometimes the television is just needed.  In my life anyway.

I recently joined Pinterest and I am now a junkie.  It's awful.  The last thing I need is another internet addiction.  But it has so many wonderful ideas.  Every year Marc and I have a Christmas Eve brunch at our  house for our family.  I guess this is the 4th or 5th year of it.  Well I've found some great recipe ideas as well as decorations.  It's making me giddy for the holidays.

Kim K. and Kris H. is another topic I could touch on.  I actually have a lot to say.  Whether it was publicity or not, divorce is not easy.  There is nothing glamourous about it and I feel badly for everyone involved.  It can't be easy, especially with everyone commenting about it.  But I am actually more shocked and surprised by Zooey D. and her husband's split.  They were married for two years which seems to be a very bad number.  A few people I know that have been divorced it has happened in the two year mark.  Hmm??

Winnie the Pooh - have you seen the new movie?  If not, you have to! It's so cute.  My favorite line, "You have such a talent for words and telling us what to do."  I sent this to my husband with "I'm pretty sure you and the kids think this about me. A lot."  It cracks me up!  The whole scene is hilarious.

I've already gotten the "Are you going to have more kids" question.  I've gotten it a lot actually.  Not that I can blame anyone.  When you have three kids in three years people are going to assume things. But I must say, I never got pregnant this quickly! It was at the 5/6  month period.  So ask around the end of February folks. HA!  But the answer right now, is no.

ALTHOUGH  every time I hear of another pregnancy, see a newborn, look at pics of my own kids as newborn, or think about pregnancy I get a twinge of "awwwww, baby".  So who knows.

Ok, that might be it for now.  I am sure I will think of 100 more things after I post this.

Like the house burglaries that have been happening here, our cars getting rummaged through and my iPod being taken, the kids that were sneaking cigarettes by our house, Longwood kicking my frat and others off campus, me being a single mom for a week while Marc was out of town, my thoughts on breast feeding, the fact that Harps only woke up once last night and I'm pretty sure Daylight Savings will ruin her run, and 100 other things!

Peace and love, Rev Run.