Thursday, May 31, 2012


So there is a joke amongst my friends about their husband asking themselves, "What would Marc do?" (WWMD)  One of them hilariously said that he could bring his wife flowers but Marc would have bought Emily a rose bush.

That one really cracked me up!

Anyhoo, I am insanely lucky to have a husband that works so hard at making our marriage work and making me happy.  Here are just some of the things he's done lately!

This morning he made me chocolate chip pancakes.  Just because.
Last week he made me eggs and toast.  Just because.
Last Friday he left work early and brought home pizza and cupcakes.
(Ok, so maybe he's trying to make me FAT and happy?!)
Roses were delivered to the house for me. How fun is that?
He sent me a greeting card in the mail.  I LOVE greeting cards, but rarely get any sent. So this was/is a big, big deal!  And the front said "Grassy Ass" for "gracias".  Hilarious!

Here's a list of stuff he does on the regular!
Every morning he makes me coffee.  And it's delicious.
He gets up with the kids every single morning.  This is huge to a non-morning person.
Notes are left for me all the time, sometimes sappy, sometimes funny, always appreciated!
He cleans the dishes in the sink.  Does the laundry.  Cleans up the toys.
My husband works hard as hell all day, errday!
On Tuesday and Thursday nights he becomes a single dad so that I can go play volleyball.

He also lets me cry, lets me vent, lets me be ridiculous and express just how wonky my brain is.  He's rock solid, A+, super awesome, and I heart him in a big way!

So the next time your husband comes around, just ask him, "WWMD?" :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Go ahead, compliment yourself!

Over a year ago I wrote this piece about compliments - Food, Water, Compliments

Today I am feeling the same way I was when I wrote that post.  I'd just really like to be acknowledged for how incredibly awesome and superior I am in the mommy world.  HA! Hey, at least I am coming right out and asking for it instead of fishing for a compliment.

Since it's hard to get feedback from kids 3 years old and under, I shall compliment myself.  Here we go!  (I'll only do 5 as to not let my head get big.)

1. Emily, you manage to get dinner on the table 4/5 nights.  Way to go!  It's yummy, mostly healthy, and you even try to clean up after yourself.
2. Girl, you can change a diaper!  You can change a diaper while one kid is climbing on your back, another is asking, no demanding, you to do something, and the babe you are trying to change is wiggling around.  Gold medal to you in the diaper changing challenge.
3. Your ability to listen to a 3 year talk NON-STOP is impressive.  Sure you get annoyed sometimes and tell her to stop, but overall you put in your time.
4. If stair running, in addition to diaper changing, was an olympic sport you'd also have gold in this one.  Emily, you will go upstairs to get something, bring it down, and immediately know that you have to go right back up for another child's request.  Way to run those stairs!
5. Finger nail and toenail cutting is a delicate act that you balance well.  You are speedy, precise, and get three sets of hands/toes done in record time.  Only one child have you ever made bleed.  Sure it was your third and you should have been a pro by then, but you've recovered quite nicely.

There you have it, my pep talk for the day.

What 5 things would you like to compliment yourself on today?!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anyone? ANYONE?!

So I have a busy brain, a noisy head, a noggin that just won't quit.

Please tell me that someone else has the same problem?!

I haven't done the Myers Briggs in awhile, but I'm pretty sure it would tell me that I am a "CANW" - Crazy A$$ Neurotic Woman.  Ok, so maybe that's not an option, but it fits.  For reals though, it would tell me I'm an introvert.  Meaning EVERYTHING is internalized.  99% of my shower routine is me having full on conversations with people about my problems/thoughts.   Actually, these conversations aren't even with others, all just with me.  It takes me a long time to work through the stresses of my life.

I have to think about a problem from every angle possible.  I then have to get input from others so they can give me even more angles.  More angles until I'm all angled out.  So much so that in the last month I've had one person tell me, "Ok, we aren't going to talk about this anymore.  Let's talk about something else." and another tell me, "Let's be done with this."  One of my favorite SATC episodes is where Carrie can't stop talking about her break up with Big and her friends finally admit they can't stand hearing about it anymore.  99% sure most people in my life feel that way when I get on a rant.

Last week I went to a new PCP and had a physical. I am in picture perfect health.  Minus the voices inside my head.  So the doc, who is amazing, prescribed me "wine with my husband to relax".  He told me to keep the stressors at an arm's length.  Do things that make me happy.  Gotta tell ya, I love this man! Who wouldn't appreciate a doctor telling them to calm the eff down?!  He also made the very good point of saying that we all have it pretty good and sometimes we just have to remember that.

Anyhoo, do you have voices? Do you stress out about things and have them playing on loop in your brain?  What do you do to calm your nerves?

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Have a Little Crush

Last week my husband was gone for four whole days.  He left super early Monday morning and did not return until late Thursday night.

The kids were AMAZING!  They really were so great that I can't complain too much.  But I did learn something, I have a MAY JOR crush on my husband.

I felt like a 13 year old girl that sat and waited for the cute boy to pay attention to her.  I'd patiently, or not at all, wait for him to email.  Every morning I waited for his FaceTime request to appear on my phone.  Each night I looked at the clock hoping he'd be walking through the door.  His trip was all business, so the emails were few and far between.  And like a true 13 year old I wrote back immediately.  I didn't try to play it cool, didn't try to wait it out to see if he was missing me.  Nope, I was on the prowl.  I attacked the boy. I figured if he sent one email, that meant I should send 10.  Pictures, funny stories, random emails about vacuums, it didn't matter.  He opened the door and I ran through it.

Pretty much, this is me, I would TOTALLY be the girl that called him to say I was giving him the silent treatment:

In life I think I take him for granted.  He walks through the door and the kids are all over him.  We eat, we clean up, we play, we do the kids' bedtime routines.  It's pretty much non-stop.  So I've never really just sat there and thought, "Wow, he's cute.  And sweet. And so good to all of us. I really like the guy."  I mean, of course I've thought it and I  mean all of that, but sometimes when you get a chance to miss someone, and realize all they do for you, you realize JUST HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM!  I figured that out last week.

"Hard to breathe, feels like floating, so full of love my  heart's exploding.  Mouth is dry, hands are shaking, my heart is yours for the taking.  Acting weird, not myself, dancing around like the Keebler elf.  Finally time for this poor schlubb, to know how it feels to fall in lub."  Thank you, Longfellow Deeds!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Giuliana & Bill

If you know me in real life, then you know I love reality television. Right or wrong, I do.  It entertains me and isn't that the point of television?!

Anyhoo, a show I am LOVING right now is "Giuliana & Bill" on the Style Network.  It airs on Tuesday nights, in case you are interested.  Here is the website-

Aren't they so cute?!

If you have followed their story then you know they are currently expecting their first child via gestational carrier aka surrogate.  Giuliana and Bill came to this decision after years of heartbreak and agony as they tried to get pregnant, and have subsequently suffered miscarriages.

(This reminds me, I have to get the word out about my sorority sister, Chas, who is currently documenting her journey as a surrogate on her blog-

Last night they did a very quick montage of the pain they went through the past few years.

Let me back up.  I have never had to worry about getting pregnant or carrying a child full term.  There was ONE day when I was totally bummed out because I thought I wasn't pregnant and thought I had to wait a month to try again.  I was wrong.  Anyways, the news of our first child came as a bit of a surprise two weeks before our wedding.  Oops!  With our second we set out to get pregnant.  It happened the first week we tried.  Our third, another happy surprise.  I will say, for the record, the two "surprises" were not really surprises since we are adults and know what makes babies.  We just hadn't set out to get pregnant at those particular times.  But, obviously, since we didn't do anything to stop pregnancy from happening, we knew it was possible.

We have learned our lesson, we get pregnant very easily!  Also for the record, I was told that it would be difficult to get pregnant.  SHA RIGHT!  My husband, later, was told that he may have fertility issues. SHA RIGHT!  Maybe our two wrongs make a right? Who knows.

So getting pregnant comes easy to us. As does pregnancy.  I had three wonderful, easy, great pregnancies.  Don't get me wrong, I had the usuals, heartburn, pain, worry, laziness, cravings, mean to the husband, etc., but never did I have to worry about making it all the way to the end.  (During our first I learned that just because you get pregnant easy and have easy pregnancy does not equal easy labor.  Ey yi yi!)  Only once did I have a true, for real worry (not one made up in my head), when Harper was measuring small. Even then, it wasn't a HUGE situation we had to deal with.  I, we, have been really lucky and blessed.

Which makes me watching this show, and talking to people in real life with fertility issues, quite difficult.  I have no clue what to say. None.  My heart breaks.  I want to cry, pass out hugs, and just be a listening ear.  My brain and my heart can't let me go there because I don't think I could handle it.  I am definitely someone that says that my babies changed my life. That they are my world now.  Although I wasn't a "kid person" and didn't really want kids in my early 20's, when I decided I wanted them, I wanted them NOW.  I didn't want to wait, didn't want to struggle, I just wanted them.  I think the proof is in the pudding, 3 in 3 years shows I couldn't wait.  So, sometimes I feel awful talking to someone that is unable to have one child, while I am here with my three.  What do I say? How can I comfort them?  Am I saying all the wrong things?

I have to commend Bill and Giuliana for putting it all out there.  As famous people they easily could have had the cameras rolling only for the good times and present their lives as perfect.  Instead, they brought awareness to something very real, very heartbreaking.  Not only have they had fertility issues, Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.  Also documented on their show.

Watching their show the thing I am most taken aback by, is their love and support of each other.  Our society leads us to believe famous people can't really be married for the right reasons.  You can tell they genuinely love each other and are best friends.  Everything they do is discussed between the two of them, one never does something without running it by the other.  Obviously, I am talking about big stuff, they don't have to report in all the time, but the other's counsel is really important to them. I love it!  A true team.  It's awesome to watch people have so much respect and admiration for each other.

Don't get me started on the episode where Giuliana's parents are worried and crying for her.  Oh lawd I can't.

Anyhoo, I just want to say to anyone that has fertility issues, I wish you success in all your efforts and support you in all of your decisions.  It's not an easy path, by any means, but I hope you find peace with what comes your way.