Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today happens to be a pretty cool date, 12-12-12, it is also my sister-in-law's birthday!

Since it's such a neat day, I thought I'd blog about it!

Sue and her family were the last members I had to meet when Marc and I started dating.  I had heard about her and how she was "mom #2" to Marc.  I had also heard that maybe she was very much the oldest child, she called the shots.

Kind of made me nervous!

BUT I knew if I could get in good with her two daughters, I could win her over.  So Marc and I spoiled the girls for our first meeting, which I think was Easter (someone correct me if I'm wrong).  They seemed to like me, so it eased my mind a bit.

Sue and I actually hit it off pretty well!  Whew!  Whole family met, all cool, no weirdos, and they seemed to accept me.  YAY!

Since then Sue and I have been pretty close.  Whenever I'm having a "mom moment" I turn to her because I know she won't judge, just validate.  Her daughters are 12 and 11 so she's been through all the crazy toddler years. And much like my children, hers are very creative with their behavior.  Sue is a SAHM like me, left a pretty great job to be one.  Never looked back.  I know a lot of moms and she is probably the one with the most on her plate.  The most on her plate with the least amount of help.  When I'm whiney and cranky and tired, I call in Lor or my in-laws to help since they are all within 30 minutes of me.  Sue doesn't have that luxury.  I tell her all the time I don't know how she does it!!!  She is my mom idol.  Momdol?  That's too close to Midol, I'll stick with two words.

Sue is also a TON of fun!  If you want to experience a DMB show, take Sue, she'll make it AWESOME!  No lie!  The best workout I ever got was running after her at the DMB show in Charlottesville.  And it was one of the best moments EVER to see her watching them play "Long Black Veil".  This is a song she used to rock her babies to sleep with.  Touching moment, for sure.

I think it's really important to find other moms that you can be honest with, that can truly help you through difficult times, and enjoy the good times as well.  I've definitely found that in Marc's sister.  And what's really cool is Sue's oldest daughter is seriously one of my BFFs.  She keeps me up to date with all the latest apps, music, movies, etc.  When they come down for Christmas, T and I will be going to dinner and a movie, just us two. I can't wait!

I'm pretty lucky I married in to such an amazing family!  Happy birthday, Sue!! Hope it's a great one!!!!

(Sorry the kids sang the wrong name!)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ugh! I Annoy Me!

I realize this is the most annoying thing a SAHM can say, but I'd really like a day off.  Maybe not even a whole day (because let's be honest, I'd be bored), but just enough time to nap.  I'd really like a nap.  And to eat peacefully by myself.  And maybe take a bath. And not clean up puke or poop.  Or snot, I've witnessed a lot of snot as of late.  I won't get in to how many loads of laundry have been done since the ickness hit. Nothing would be better than to have the ability to take my kids to preschool/daycare and drop them off with no worries.  How awful is that of me?  Pretty awful, but oh well.

Oh and the crying and whining...I'd be ok with that ending.  And that's just me I'm talking about! If the kids stopped that'd be a bonus.

Waaa waaa waaa, whine whine whine, gotta get it out of mah system.  Yes, I realize I could have it much worse.  Yes, I realize I signed up for this.  Yes, I realize you are probably rolling your eyes and saying I am annoying.  Go ahead, I agree with you, but I'm still human and still really tired.

Super excited to play volleyball tonight.  And the upcoming DMB shows with my honey and some awesome friends!


This is for my dear husband!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Just Stick Out My Chin

I feel sort of like nothing has happened lately and so much has happened lately.  I guess that's what happens when you are a stay at home mom.  I never know what day of the week it is, let alone the date on the calendar, shoot, I'm lucky if I guess the correct month! Which reminds me, if I ever wake up from a coma DO NOT ask me what year it is! I won't know.  Just ask me which Housewives series is currently playing on Bravo. HA!

Anyhoo, last week, Friday to be exact, was an eventful day.  One that still makes me sad if I really think about.  Friday morning Carter declared that she did not want to go to school...and then the tears started.  Not in a "I'm a kid and trying to get out of going" sort of way, like real, honest to goodness tears.  Heart breaking.  Poor Marc looked the worst out of all of us.  So we probed to figure out what was going on and she said something about kids laughing at her.  I could see the sadness in Marc's face turn to a bit of dad rage.

We tried to talk with her about it, calm her down, assure her no one was laughing at her, but she was really sad.  I still don't know how Marc was able to leave for work.  I am sure his mind was all over the place.

So, like any mom would do, I called my mom.  She raised five kids in to adulthood, surely she had dealt with this before.  So we talked for awhile and decided the best course of action was for me to not make a big thing out it, fearing that would get her more emotional, and still send her to school.  Gabe had school that day so we were already going, dropping her off wouldn't be a big thing.  We also decided if Carter really really insisted on not going, I wouldn't make her.  Thanks, mom!

Then Carter said something interesting during the car ride to school. She said they play Ring Around the Rosie and she fell down and hurt her toe. BINGO!  The girl gets embarrassed quite easily and is VERY hard on herself.  So, she probably fell too early, got hurt, and thought when they kids laughed it was at her.  I know that wasn't the case, but she didn't know that.  To her she was sad and the other kids weren't being nice.

So I talked to Carter's teacher about it and she said nothing outstanding had happened that would make her think the kids were laughing at Carter.  I told her the RAtR story and she agreed that was probably it.  She also agreed that Carter is hard on herself and that probably added to the pain.  The teacher also mentioned that the kids are learning new songs in music class for the Christmas program, so if CJ was having any trouble with that, it would make her sad as well.

It all clicked in my brain!  It was a hurricane of events that lead to her crying that morning.  Not easy, not good, but manageable.  Let me just say, the whole time I was talking to the teacher Carter hung out by my leg.  Usually she runs right in and starts playing.  So I had to peel her off of me and give her to the teacher.  CJ cried and yelled for me as I left.

Awful.  Just awful.  In 3 1/2 years she's never really done that.  I used to leave her with Dana, no problem, every day of preschool up until now, no problem.  I almost broke down in the hallway but knew that would be good for no one!!!  It did help that the teacher said she'd call me if Carter didn't calm down.

Whew!  Once I got to the car I called my mom, told her this is a hard gig, and then started crying.

I now know, without a doubt, what it means to feel someone else's pain.  It was awful. I wanted to take every tear away from her and make it my own.  Every feeling of sadness, loneliness, embarrassment I wanted to own.  Is this all a great lesson for her? Yes.  For me as well? Yes.  But good God is it hard to get through.  I have to keep reminding myself that these are the "easy" days, the problems will only get bigger and more complicated.

At 11:00 the preschool number popped up on my phone, "Hmmm?" I thought, "Guess Carter isn't doing well."

It was Gabe's teacher.  He bit someone.  Through the skin.  I had to pick him up.


Harper was sleeping, school is out at 11:50, I'd have to wake her up, go get him, come home just to go back. PLUS the fact that my son is now a juvenile delinquent and harmed someone.  A little kid.  Ey yi yi.  I was HOT!  The teacher kept apologizing, even though it wasn't her fault at all!!

So I plucked him out of juvie and fussed with him the whole way home.  I asked him why he did this and he said, "No push."  Well, we are teaching him that, so I can't be too mad, I guess.  So I said, "Yes, no push, but you can't bite either.  Why did you bite?"

"Ice cream!!" chomp chomp.

Yes, he acted out the "chomp chomp".

So he thought this kid was ice cream?  He was just playing?  I have no clue.  And an explanation really doesn't matter because it's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Head back to get Carter at school and I am moving as fast as I can...don't want the parents of the victim jumping me in the parking lot!  Cause the good Lord above knows I'd be giving some stink eyes to the parent of the kid that bit my kid!!

It was a tough day.  Emotionally draining.

Then Marc worked until midnight.  So I had the crier and the hooligan to myself.  I can't even tell you what Harper did that day.  Oops!

But, like Annie said, the sun will come up tomorrow! Saturday ended up being almost near perfect.  The kids were good, Marc and I had a date, got to hang out with family and the weather was gorgeous.

Then on Sunday my volleyball team defied all odds and beat the number 2 team in the league.  We had fun and played well.  It was awesome!!!

So, that was a lot of rambling to say that parenting truly is a roller coaster and you never know which way the cart is going to move!!  You can write a blog one day about how great your kid is and then he turns around and bites someone.  Little shit.  (But I love you buddy!)

How has your roller coaster ride been lately?  And this goes for all humans I guess, not just parents!

(So I totally love Annie, like love love this movie! And I promise you, you'll be singing this song all day now!)