Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Just So Something!

Lately I've been feeling a lot of, "Wow, this is my life! I'm pretty damn lucky!"

I was sitting and talking to Carter the other day and it hit me that I'm her mom.  GOODNESS! I am a mom of THREE!  I don't feel like a mom, I don't feel old enough for such a label.  I definitely don't feel mature enough to raise kids.  But here I am with all these really neat kids.  I can have 'real' conversations with them; ask about their days, feelings, hopes, expectations, friends, etc.  We hang out and have fun.  Sure, there are hard moments, hard days, even weeks.  But overall, time spent together is really awesome.

They are so kind and thoughtful.  The other day Harper didn't want to take a nap, but I am a mean mom and made her anyway.  So as she was standing in her crib, while I looked for her blankie, Gabe went in, sat on the recliner in her room, and started telling her a story.  Hand movements, changes of voice, everything, he was really in to it.  As was Harper.

I didn't have to tell him, she didn't have to ask, he just went in and told her a story to calm her down.

Wow.  Great kid!  He is so considerate of others and loving.

And CJ is my little helper/assistant. She loves nothing more than helping me cook, watching over the children, or doing anything that she feels is a grown up task.

Harper.  Well, I'm 100% sure God sent us Harpie to entertain us and keep us smiling.  The girl is beyond adorable with these big, round eyes, and a giggle that can melt the coldest of hearts.  She's a gem.

Then there is my husband.  Sigh.  I could write a book about the wonderfulness that is Marc P.  He's my favorite person in all the land.  We are all super lucky to have him in our lives.

On top of the birds and the mister, is a group surrounding us that supports us, loves us, and is there for us in so many ways; my family, Marc's family, friends, sorority sisters, volleyball peoples, neighbors, and school/work friends.  And I have a group texting crew that keeps me entertained on the regular.

I'm just so lucky.  Maybe lucky isn't even the word because I don't think all of this is just by chance. It's just so something!

Not sure why snow days make me so sentimental, but they really got me going on feels trips.

What makes you thankful about your crew and who is in the crew?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day Thoughts About the Mister

It's really weird to think that at one point I did not know one thing about Marc P.  Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Now I know everything. Well, it's hard to say I know everything because that's a lot of stuff to know, but I know what I need to.

I know that he likes wings, but not ones with hot sauce.

Marc P has really bad taste in movies.  Horrible.

He leans to a more liberal point of view in most areas of life.

Life long Jets fan.  Even if it is painful.

Amazing cook.  He makes some good food that boy.

He is a beer snob.

I know that everything he does is for his family.  His nose scrunches up when someone is laughing at his jokes because he is smiling so big.  He's not afraid to be honest, but he does it in the most tactful way possible.  Something I could learn from him!  He can chop wood, build a fence, carry in firewood, but those strong hands can rock a baby to sleep and make a crying kid feel better.

Seriously, it's mind boggling that there was a time when I didn't know him.  And now I share his name.

I get to hang out with my favorite person every single night of the week.  And on weekends some times we go on adventures, some times we lounge around the house, but no matter what, we're having fun.

He's the cutest, funniest, most caring person I know.  Sure am lucky I hired that guy back in 2006.

What are some fun facts about your significant other?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Focusing On the Good

I am constantly trying to improve myself as I mature and age.  I am trying to be nicer, calmer, more empathetic.  Especially in the mom arena.

The biggest change I am trying to make is to be "gentle".  To myself and the birds.  NO ONE is more critical of my parenting than me.  I am terrible to me.  And I need not be.  My children are often praised by teachers and others on their good behavior.  While I believe most of it is because they are just really awesome, good kids, I have to admit some of it must be due to parenting.  So maybe I'm doing some things right?!  Come to think of it, it's probably all Marc, but I'll take some of the credit.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of being gentle, I am trying to yell less and praise more.

Have you ever noticed, not just in parenting but in life, you make a big deal out of the mistakes, and not as big a deal of the good behaviors?  Even the smallest mistake will be noticed while something good and wonderful, although little, is ignored.

So I am trying to let some of the mistakes pass by and really call out the good stuff.  If a kid is chewing with their mouth closed (a big thing for me), I praise them.  If they chew with it open, I let it slide.  I am hoping the positive reinforcement will stick faster than the negative attention.  Small example, but an example.

When the kids are playing nicely together, with no fighting, whining, stealing, I let them know how awesome it is that they are friends.  When they are fighting, whining, stealing, I let it slide and see if they come back around.  I let them work it out together, instead of me turing in to a yelling lunatic.

For whatever reason the two oldest birds have been spilling a lot of liquids lately.  Trust, it kills me.  Cannot stand it.  But instead of yelling, which makes everyone upset, I tell them accidents happen and I hand them a paper towel so they can clean up the mess.  They have to learn at some point that making a mess means they have to clean it up.  I won't always be there to do it for them.  (PS Being a lazy mom truly is the best way! All in the name of "teaching"!)  When the kids drink all their drink or eat all their cereal with no spills, I tell them what an awesome job they did.

In the short time I've been conducting this experiment I've seen pretty good results.  The house is a lot calmer, well, as calm as a house with three young kids can be, and I am not as stressed.

Focusing on the good!  That's my motto!

Do you have any "gentle parenting" stories you are proud of that you want to share?