Thursday, February 27, 2014

Awesome Mom

So I am going to write something that I don't hear a lot of moms say, BUT SHOULD!

I am a good mom.  A damn good mom.

No, I don't have the cleanest house.  We don't eat all organic, I don't force veggies down their throats, I reward with candy, we aren't practicing Montessori programs at home, we don't travel much, the television is on more than it should be, and gosh darn it we only know how to speak English.

It's not that I don't want all those things, but they aren't my priority.  If they are your priority I give you major, major props.  This isn't to bust on anyone else and how they do things, it's to praise me.  Because why not?  I work hard at this mom thing and I think I'm doing great.

I let my kids be kids.  I let them pretend and play, have independence when they need it, value their opinions, I try not to dismiss their feelings, and I respect them as human beings.

I haven't had my yearly review in two years, but I don't need it.  I am reviewing myself.

My kids are my everything.  I love the hell out of those little beings.  Everything I do, think, plan for is for them.  I teach them values, manners, how to be nice and caring, giving, and how to love the hell out of each other and do nice things for people.  Most importantly how to be respectful.

And just about every day they prove to me that they are good people.  And that's how I know I'm awesome.

Harper kisses any Team P member that is crying.  Gabe will hug the shit out of you if you need it. And Carter is A+ at making people feel better by drawing/painting them pictures.  They do a million other things, as well, those were the first that came to mind.

All their teachers give good reports on them, too.  And now working in the school I can see that some kids might be a little less well behaved than others.  Not mine though, they know they get in big trouble if a teacher has to tell me about something bad they did.

The kids also adore me.  Like overboard adore me.  But that's a sign I'm doing something right...right?! If I were a poop mom I'm pretty sure they'd ignore me. At least that's what I tell myself.

My oldest is about to turn five and it's taken me that long to admit to myself that I am a great mom.  A year ago, I would have told you I was the worst mom ever and I was ruining my kids.  A year from now, I may be writing a blog about how stupid and overconfident I was.

But for right now I am really happy with myself.  I am really excited about the kids' ages (almost 5, 3 1/2, and 2 1/2) and am loving the whole gig.

Of course this doesn't me I don't have spurts of doubt and questioning. But I think it's good to question because you grow from that.  I love to learn and always want to get better and that's what I am doing. But I'm finally not putting SO much pressure on myself and trying hard to not be PERFECT.  Because really, I am perfect for THEM.  I am all they know and they think I'm doing ok.

I love them so stinking much it hurts sometimes.  But LOOK AT THEM! Cutest birds I ever did see.  I will continue to be the best mom ever just to see those smiles.

So if you're a mom, tell yourself you are doing ok, because YOU ARE!!!

What kick ass qualities do you have as a mom?