Monday, April 7, 2014

Angel Nurse

I am very lucky that during my lifetime I have had very strong, influential, amazing women guiding me through my years.

One woman came in to my life on the best/worst day I have ever experienced.  The day my first was born.

Today that woman is celebrating her birth.

Lietzle was my labor nurse and EXACTLY the person I needed by my addition to Marc P, of course. We chatted, we laughed, teared up, she supported me, understood me, and never judged.  I felt as though I had known her forever.  After her shift was over, she called in to see how I was doing.  I mean, that is an awesome nurse if you ask me!  To care so much about your patient even after you have left!

Well I fell in love with Lietzle so hard that I begged her to be in the OR with me when baby #2 was born.  A quick recap of that experience, there was a microburst that hit Charlottesville the night before causing major havoc in the area.  Power was out, phones were down, we weren't even sure we'd be having a baby on the scheduled day.  Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck.  But in we walked, and there she was, my Angel Nurse.  Seeing her instantly made me feel better.

Lietzle, I will love you forever and ever and ever!  Happy birthday to one of the most important people in my life!!!  You better rock this day, you deserve it!

Carter and Lietzle, two beautiful women!

Lietzle checking in on my Gabriel.