Friday, November 7, 2014

though she be but little, she is fierce

In true third child/youngest fashion Harper did not get a birthday blog. Today is November 7th and her birthday was on August 25th.  Oops!

In my defense my eldest child started kindergarten.  My brother and his wife, whom I am very close with, were moving to Iowa, my little heart could only handle two things that week.  My youngest turning THREE was not one of them.

So here I am, months later, writing about the day my baby wasn't really a baby anymore.  I don't know the exact age when that happens, but I am thinking it's somewhere around now.

She doesn't use a sound machine.

Five years of sound at night in our house and now it's gone.

She doesn't have a crib.

Five years of cribs and they are gone.

No middle of the night feedings or diaper changes, every now and again I can get a onesie jammy on her.  But for the most part, Harper is a kid.

A funny kid. Strong willed. Stubborn. Dramatic. Hilarious. Smiley. Pain in my ass. That's my Harpie.

Seriously though, she'll kill us. It might be from laughter, it might be from frustration, but we will die at the hands of HRP.

Last week she bold faced lied to me about Marc.  She then preceded to bold face lie to him about him.  Her story did not change even a little from the time she told me to the time she told Marc. Even a week later she's stuck with it.  It was all about Marc yelling at her one night to go to bed and how scary it was.  I was in the house, sitting next to Marc, when this apparent incident happened.  I knew for a fact it was a farce but I went along with it anyway because it was so hilarious.

I love her.  I love her so much I want to squish her face in my hands and kiss all over it. She's cuddly. Like super cuddly.  And I don't even like cuddles.  She still says, "I love chu" and I still melt every time.  It will be a tragedy when she actually starts to pronounce you.

Harper has long, beautiful, flowy white-blond hair. She hates to brush it and she always has food it in.  But it's SO HER. Sometimes she wears CJ's hand-me-downs, sometimes Gabe's, and sometimes it's a mismatch assortment of whatever she's found throughout the house. Pink sparkly boots are often the shoes of choice, even with shorts.

After Gabe had his seizure everyone around him was babying him.  Not Harper.  She used it as an opportunity to steal his toys and food...he was weak, she was strong, some may say she's opportunistic.

To my third bird, I love you!  Even if it took me months to celebrate your life via this blog I treasure you and the time you've been with us.  Your little itty bitty body is nothing compared to the size of your spirit and determination. Your big eyes and smile make me mushy, your tight hugs are infectious, and your laughter makes everything better. You embody everything I want to be: tough, smart, sweet, and loving.


And I have to quote music because duh, that's what I do.  When Harp was in my belly I was obsessed with Peter Gabriel's "Follow You, Follow Me" here you go...

"I will follow you, will you follow me, all the days and nights that we know will be, I will stay with you, will you stay with me, just one single tear in each passing year."

Everyone needs their own posse when opening presents!

Sparkly number 3 and Transformer candles totally go together. 

Her little face and smile get to me all the time.

We had a going away/congrats cake for Gretchen and Scott.

Family pic using the self timer...not the most perfect picture but perfectly Team P!