Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall

My Kozuch family has been taking a yearly beach trip for four years now. The first time we went Carter was 3 1/2, Gabe had just turned 2, and Harper was about to turn 1. It was a bit nuts. This year they were 6 1/2, 5, and about to be 4. So much easier without swimmie diapers, nap schedules, baby food/bottles, etc. And they have 5 cousins that come so it's nice to see them all play and get along nicely. Each year gets better and better.

Last year my brother Michael came up with an awesome idea: a music playlist challenge. He set the criteria and we all followed suit. I was the winner! I got me a trophy and iTunes gift card. Totally rad! This year my brother Scott won. I had to hand off the trophy to him and I did it gladly. He put together an awesome mix.  Basically both years were centered around family and our memories set to music. The Kozuchs are obsessed with music. My parents introduced us to The Beatles, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, etc. very early on. If you come in to my house, chances are I have music going. Much like a movie, I have background music playing all the time.

Well Michael played a song, his second song I believe, that made me cry. Not just because of the lyrics but his explanation for picking the song. He said that no matter what happens in our family we are always there for each other. And I can tell you, that is 100% true. I could write a book about all the times my brothers have come to my rescue, all the times my parents have helped me out. And hopefully they feel as though I have helped them. And what is really nice is I can count on my in-laws and my family can count on Marc. I got some upsetting news while we were at the beach and my sister-in-law Heidi jumped right up to comfort me. It was nice having the support of my family in that moment.

So I'll leave this blog as a simple shout out to my wonderful family. Spending a week with them (11 adults, 8 children) showed me that we are all crazy, but we are all crazy about each other.

Michael, Scott, Mom, Brian, Me, Adam, Dad
Yes, my mom and dad raised five kids, four of them BOYS! Ey yi yi, it was a smelly, crazy, loud household!

"You just call out my name and you know where ever I am, I'll come running to see you again."