Thursday, March 3, 2016

They Are My Sunshine

I am a big believer that people are put in to your life for very specific reasons. That you can learn something from everyone you meet. Sometimes people teach you who not to be, how not to act, and some teach you compassion, strength, kindness...the list goes on and on.

Well lately I've been thinking about two people who were definitely sent to me to teach me positivity. I'm naturally a happy person. I love to laugh, dance, sing, be goofy, but I have a really dark brain that takes me to bad places. Some days I have to convince myself to put on a smile and be kind.

Last month was one of those months. I didn't feel like myself, I was depressed, and just not feeling joy. BUT two women really did make it better. When I think back to February I think back to Kristen and Christy and how they were just naturally positive.

I play volleyball with Kristen, I've known her for a couple of years through that but just this year I've been able to really talk with her. And she's awesome. This week we played a team that consists of young men (high school I think) trying to put a travel team together and let's just say, they aren't good. And their coach was jerky. But Kristen, sweet Kristen, kept praising them throughout the games, and was so nice to them. Afterwards she went up to a few of them to tell them good job. And she really meant it. Wasn't saying any of it superficially just to make them feel better. It's in her soul to make people happy and feel good about themselves. After my miscarriage last year one of the biggest hugs I got was from Kristen. It wasn't even awkward for me! That's a good hugger right there!!  I've learned a lot from being around her. When I get to dark places I think, "What would Kristen say to me right now?" and it helps to reset my brain. She's awesome.

Christy is one of the teachers in pre-k (I am the assistant for three teachers). And talk about a freaking ray of sunshine. My god, light just sparkles out of her. She's always smiling, always putting a positive spin on situations, and super supportive. She's never hesitated to help me with stuff, even though I'm the assistant, she brings in hot chocolate for me, brownies, dresses up in spirit wear for special days. She's like a cheerleader without the annoying parts like yelling loud. HA! Christy is amazing with the kids and gets excited when they master different skills, listens intently to their stories, and is an all around great teacher. She never lets others' bad moods or behaviors change hers. She stays positive and happy, not much gets her down. If I could be anyone when I grow up, it'd be Christy.

If I'm coming across as a fangirl with a crush, you are accurately reading this blog! I love Kristen and Christy and I really feel as though they were sent to me to make me a more positive, uplifting person. They are who I think I am (happy, joyous, fun) but probably don't actually live up to the hype. They are the real deals. I'm so lucky to have them in my space.

Who do you look up to? What do you learn from them?