Thursday, September 15, 2016

Emily's Super Soul Thursday

This past weekend I spent time with my parents. Just me. Just my parents. Well, Scott and a friend of his stopped by Saturday night, but for the most part it was just us. I cannot tell you the last time that happened. I am guessing in 2006 before I met Marc and was whisked away in a love story.

Anyhoo, on Sunday we watched a few episodes of Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday". Great show. It led to a lot of discussions on love, sadness, fear, anger, what makes us all tick. It was a great conversation, one that I've been thinking about ever since.

I've been thinking about what makes me happy. What makes others happy. And just how unhappy some people seem. Happiness is the best drug in the world and yet probably the hardest to get. It's almost as if we are afraid of truly being happy, we down play it. Have you ever thought or heard someone comment, "That girl is just WAY too chipper in the morning." I know I have. I am not a morning person and someone being happy at that time is quite strange to me. But to that person, it's completely normal. Or if you come across someone that is naturally happy you think they are actually depressed on the inside or are hiding something. Ok, now that I've typed all that out I am starting to realize maybe I am a pessimist!  My point is, though, that I think some people are naturally happy and some people naturally are not. But no matter what, you can train yourself to be happy. You can seek the drug of happiness. You can convince yourself to get out of a bad mood. Life is all about choices and I have learned to choose happiness. 

So, what makes you happy? Like what makes you take a deep breath in and say, "Awe, that's nice. I am just so happy right now."?

My list:
Eating a really yummy bite of food and dancing in my seat because of it.
Beating a difficult level in a game. So satisfying.
Laughing. I love to laugh and I LOVE to make other people laugh. It's my favorite sound in the world.
Painting my nails. People always try to convince me to go somewhere to get it done, but goodness do I love the act of painting my nails.
Organization. Organizing a mess makes my heart settle and feel true joy.
Praise. When someone tells me I did a good job or I am great at something, man does it make me happy. I have gotten better at not needing it but it's still pretty awesome when it happens.
A follow up to that is doing a good job. If I am going to do something I am going to do it right. It makes me very, very happy to do well.
Now this is one I don't like to share, but hugs make me happy. BUT ONLY FROM MY FAMILY. So you crazy huggers out there don't start attacking me. I'm still picky about interlocking our bodies together.
And for the last item on my list, sharing. I love sharing my stories with others and I love when they share we me. Isn't that what this world is kind of all about? Connecting with one another? I love the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tell me a funny story, an embarrassing story, your love story, how you came up with your dog's name, the time you traveled somewhere and ate good food, doesn't matter, I will listen to your journey and I will love it.

So...share away! What makes you happy, really really happy?