Saturday, October 1, 2016

You've Got A Friend In Me

Last night I led my very first Daisy Scout meeting.  I was nervous. Very nervous. But I did it.

I kind of just agreed to be the level leader without giving it any serious thought. I've found that a lot of my most important decisions go like that. Although I am great at over thinking, over analyzing, taking my brain on crazy think trips, the big decisions come easily.

So when my friend and overall troop leader, Jordan, asked if I wanted to lead the daisies, I said, "Sure." When Jordan said I could keep the troop to just three girls or grow it, I said, "Let's grow it." The number is now up to ten. Again, it started with three!

"Go big or go home" is the troop motto, after all.

But this post isn't necessarily about the daisies. Oh yeah, the meeting went great. The girls are ADORABLE and that's all I really care about. (Not really!) They appear to be thoughtful, kind, caring individuals, and I hope I can foster that. But what this post about is my friend, Jordan.

Back in 2011 we moved in to our current house. When I walked in this house I knew it was perfect for us. I just felt it. I didn't know anyone in the neighborhood or surrounding area, but I didn't care. I was a stay at home mom to two babies with a third on the way. I needed a sanctuary, a place to hide, and this was it.

Not long after moving in Jordan showed up in to my life. I was in a comfy, yet ridiculous, outfit and my babies were running around in just diapers. We were on the Hot Mess Express and Jordan got a glimpse of the train going by. I am sure she was both amused and terrified. She showed up to invite us to her holiday open house. I immediately called my BFF and told her about the situation. She said, "Be careful! Don't agree to get coffee. Keep your distance." Lisa and I may be the most anxious, worried people you have ever met!

But seriously, I should have been careful!!!

You see, Jordan doesn't let you sit on the bench of life. She gets you in the game, on the playing field, giving your all. No bystanders here. She constantly pulls me out of myself and gets me out in the open.

I sent my kids to preschool because of Jordan.

I started working at the preschool because of Jordan.

I started going to PTA meetings because of Jordan.

I continued to stick with the PTA because of Jordan.

I started Carter in Girl Scouts because of Jordan.

I then started leading the Daisy Scouts because of Jordan.

The only thing she hasn't gotten me to do yet is go to church. Hmm, that may be her secret motive behind all of this! I kid. I kid.

In short, this is a thanks to a lady that has introduced me to a lot of new people, new situations, and gets me out of the house. She's even gotten me to go camping. Twice! I have to say though, she's good about knowing when I need to just be and not come out, I am a recluse in reality.

I think it's important to have all kinds of friends. Friends that teach you new traditions and customs, new ways to navigate the world, introduce you to new ways of doing things, those who push you outside of your comfort zone. Jordan has been that for me and in turn, she has introduce me to gaggle of people that do the same.

After living in Roanoke for almost six years I am truly starting to feel like I belong. That I have my people, my community. AND I am even starting to learn how to get places without using a gps app! That's a big one.

Anyhoo, thanks JSH for helping me assimilate. And hopefully I have been hella entertaining to you!

Which friend pushes you outside of your comfort zone? Gets you involved in the game of life?

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