Friday, February 17, 2017

I Heart Teachers

In second grade I was blessed with possibly the best teacher ever, Mrs. Lockard.  She read us Ramona books, Amelia Bedelia, and was the ultimate cuddly, sweet, but firm teacher. She made such an impact on me that I knew my purpose in life was to be a teacher. A profession I pursued until the end of my freshman year of college. That's a discussion for another day though!

But since that time I have had a profound love for teachers. I truly believe grandparents and teachers are gifts from a heavenly source to parents. Teachers dedicate their lives to educating and caring for and about our kids for hours upon hours. I know MANY teachers that worry about kids long after the school day is done, spend their own hard earned money to help out their students, make connections with kids so they have a positive role model in their life. I could go on and on about the amazing ways teachers impact our kids.

In 2014 I was introduced to a whole new set of teachers when my daughter started kindergarten. She is now in 2nd grade and I have been privileged to meet even more teachers. They do not disappoint. From homeroom teachers to specials, to aides, etc., I have been impressed. And last night I saw a different side of them. There was a 4th and 5th grade performance happening while a handful of teachers and parents stood in the hallway. I got to see the teachers laughing with each other, chatting, looking genuinely friendly with one another. And it struck me that maybe part of their amazing impact on my kids is that they truly care about each other. If you like and respect who you work with, it only amps up your own game. You want to do well when you like where and WHO you work with. I saw that last night and it made my heart happy. I also have to add that a 1st grade teacher stepped closer to the door to see a former student sing a solo. Pride and joy were beaming from her like rays of sunshine. That's love right there!

I am sure at some point I'll get a bad one and be sad and disappointed, it happens, but for now I am going to stay in my little bubble of loveliness.

Last Saturday I put up a status on facebook about how much I love my son's teacher and let me tell you, parents were itching to comment on how much they love the teachers at the elementary school. It makes me wonder how often teachers are told how much they are loved and valued? I imagine it's not often, but I guarantee they hear a lot of negative comments and often.

This post is a piggy back to my Facebook status. I want the universe to know that my kids' teachers are rockstars. I may be slightly obsessed with kids and want to spend as much time as possible with them so I am in their school a fair amount. Part of it is that I really love the community. I love the secretary that checks you in, I love the guys that clean the school, the women in the cafeteria, and all the teachers and aides. It's a great place. I truly hope this trend continues and I stay impressed. So GCES teachers, please stay bad ass! :)

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