Friday, June 2, 2017

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

In June of 2010 I decided to leave a job I had been in for seven years, and loved, to become a stay-at-home mom to my two babies, Carter and Gabe.

It was a very easy decision for ME to make. It added a whole lot of pressure to Marc P. He would be the bread winner, he'd be responsible for keeping us a float, and it meant we would probably have to move.

But MP did it. He found a job and moved Team P to his hometown of Roanoke.

Seven years later I decided to leave a job I had been in for four years, and loved, to become a stay-at-home mom, again. This time to three birds, Carter, Gabe, and Harper. The one twist is they are all now in school and can feed themselves and wipe their own booties. A tad bit different than all those years ago! Totally different challenges face me now. And totally different joys.

Once again it was a very easy decision for ME to make. For Marc, at least from what he told me, it was actually a very easy decision for him to make, as well. I am pretty sure he can tell that I love my babies with every fiber of my being and my mission in life is to be a good mom. For ME (not judging/commenting any one else) that means doing things with and for my kids. No, I am not that person that totally makes her world all about her kids and forgets who she is. I will still sub at the preschool, play volleyball, go out to eat with friends, it's just that during the day I hope to volunteer at their school more. Or run errands for the family. Do whatever is needed to make the household run.

I am thrilled and excited for this repeat chapter in my life.

But during that last week of preschool, I had my doubts. I had to say goodbye to some AMAZING families. Families I've watched since Carter started as a three-year-old. Repeat families, new families, small families that grew, families with only one child, I've seen a lot over the years. That job helped me grow as a person, a mom, wife, and friend. I learned a lot.

But I really started to have my doubts when I had to say goodbye to my co-workers. If you want to know some bad-ass women, work in a preschool. Tough as nails. We've seen each other be pregnant, have babies, have kids graduate, kids get in trouble, have fights with friends, have fights with parents, you name, we've seen it. When my Gabers had to go through OT those women supported me and encouraged me to listen to my gut. When that boy was recovering from a seizure, I had an outpouring of love from those women (and preschool families). Anytime I had a sick kid, rough patch, happy times, and confused times, those ladies were my rocks. I leaned on those women when I was having a miscarriage. I leaned on them when my first-born started elementary school. At each graduation I cried with them. We laughed at inside jokes, bonded over horror stories. They were my surrogate sisters. A little sorority in adulthood.

I'm gonna miss them. A lot. But as I told the Pastor, I don't feel as though I am walking away from something, I feel as though I am walking toward something. My kids, their present and their future.

But I definitely will still feel the need to come in, walk those halls, greet the kids, and yes, even hug those cute little beings. No one hugs like a preschooler hugs!

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